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Three Pillars

The shared desires of most Americans include Integrity, Liberty, and Prosperity. The Founding Fathers established a Constitutional Republic that thrived remarkably for its first century. However, over the last century, America has faced challenges from war, debt, and tyranny. Our history reinforces the Founding Fathers' understanding that as government expands and centralizes, individual liberty diminishes. 


The fundamental principle of American government is to keep it localized and limited. Our nation's core belief in liberty asserts that all individuals are equal and possess unalienable rights bestowed by God. Government's role is confined to safeguarding these inherent rights. The Constitution serves as the pact between "We the people" and our chosen representatives. It stands as the legal framework that both citizens and government are beholden to, earning it the title "Law of the Land." The Constitution outlines how government should be structured and operate. Elected officials, through their constitutional oath, pledge to preserve, protect, and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Thus, when elected to office, we rightly expect them to honor this commitment. 


The Constitution outlines the rules for government's structure and function. Elected officials who take their positions through constitutional means pledge to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. When we elect them, it's reasonable to expect that they'll uphold their oath to safeguard the Constitution.



Our commitment is to restore honesty, integrity, and accountability in government. Do you find it hard to take politicians seriously when they claim to possess honesty and integrity? Is skepticism your default response to the promises made by political candidates during their campaigns? Do you believe this is the right way for the people and their elected representatives to interact? The Constitution Party solemnly pledges the following: We will enforce strict accountability for all our party officers and leaders. They will uphold the highest ethical standards when interacting with the public, donors, government officials, and candidates. Corrupt parties breed corrupt candidates. A party that demands these values from its leaders will produce only honest and honorable candidates. History, reputation of character, integrity, and commitment to honesty, alongside their alignment with Constitution Party principles will be our focus during candidate interviews. Potential candidates will be required to acknowledge that all elected officials are Public Servants. Our leaders should represent their people, not ruler them. Most importantly, Constitution Party candidates will be strongly encouraged to enter a contract with voters, detailing the campaign promises they commit to achieving while in office along with consequences if they fail to deliver. WHY A CONTRACT? Contracts are how we ensure that both parties uphold their commitments in dealings with unfamiliar businesses and individuals. Our politicians have proven unreliable with their promises, so we won't ask you to trust us. Instead, we'll EARN IT by entering a contract that explicitly outlines our candidate's promises and holds them accountable to fulfill them. The Constitution of the United States functions as a contract between the government and its people. Why then should candidates be exempt from such a contract?



We believe that "Government is the most ineffective, inefficient, and most expensive way to get anything done." Consequently, we're presenting innovative and efficient non-government solutions to address the nation's social spending challenges. Are you frustrated by government spending trillions on social issues with no visible improvement? Do you think we should SOLVE problems like poverty, hunger, and homelessness instead of providing funding for their solutions? Do you suspect that much of the money allocated for social spending ends up benefiting government bureaucrats and organizations that heavily support politicians? The Constitution Party boldly declares to the nation that: The Federal Government should strictly adhere to its Constitution-defined roles. Effective governance thrives at the local level. As a society, we should tackle social spending concerns through non-governmental organizations committed to SOLVING problems, and not just throwing money at them. We should collaborate with organizations that offer the most viable solutions. Our strategy involves gradually and responsibly transitioning from ineffective government programs to efficient non-governmental entities. This approach continues to care for current program recipients while enabling more effective solutions. The answer isn't abrupt funding cuts that abandon those in need. Instead, we advocate responsible fulfillment of our social responsibilities, ensuring support for those requiring assistance. Simultaneously, we should strive to SOLVE these issues by crafting inventive programs that empower American families to become self-sufficient and productive citizens, pursuing the happiness that our nation promises. Government has had ample time and resources, yet its inefficacy in resolving complex issues is evident. It's time for a change.



Our goal is to establish the most successful U.S. economy the world has ever witnessed by reinstating True Capitalist principles in our economic policies. Did you know that more than half of small businesses fail within 3 years, and only a third survive to the 10-year mark? Were you aware that government interference in business significantly contributes to these failures? Did you know that although Small Businesses constitute 99.7% of U.S. businesses, they bear a larger tax burden than the 0.3% of large corporations? Is this equitable? Is it just? Does it promote a healthy economy? Does this paint a picture of prosperous and opportunity laiden country? The Constitution Party asserts: Small Businesses, not large corporations, are the cornerstone of a thriving economy. True Capitalism thrives when companies can engage in vigorous competition. An even playing field is necessary for optimal pricing, products, and services. Job growth stems from business growth and creation. By eliminating excessive government regulation, fees, and taxes, alongside prudent trade agreements, we can foster significant business and job expansion. Sustaining a viable economy requires domestic manufacturing. Producing the goods we consume is essential for job creation and economic stability. TRUE CAPITALISM REJECTS OVERLY TAXING BUSINESSES AND IMPOSING EXCESSIVE REGULATIONS. GOVERNMENT'S ROLE SHOULD FOCUS ON ENSURING FAIRNESS, SAFETY, AND CRIME PREVENTION. BUSINESSES CANNOT BE THE FINANCIAL RESERVOIR FOR UNCHECKED SPENDING HABITS. Our candidates will: Operate at federal, state, and particularly local levels to alleviate the burdensome impact of government taxes, fees, unnecessary regulations, and interference. Reinstate True Capitalist laws and regulations that foster competition, generate jobs, encourage environmentally responsible manufacturing, drive innovation, and cultivate prosperity.

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