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Our commitment is to restore honesty, integrity, and accountability in government. 

Do you find it hard to take politicians seriously when they claim to possess honesty and integrity? 

Is skepticism your default response to the promises made by political candidates during their campaigns? 

Do you believe this is the right way for the people and their elected representatives to interact? 

The Constitution Party solemnly pledges the following: 

We will enforce strict accountability for all our party officers and leaders. They will uphold the highest ethical standards when interacting with the public, donors, government officials, and candidates. Corrupt parties breed corrupt candidates. A party that demands these values from its leaders will produce only honest and honorable candidates. 

History, reputation of character, integrity, and commitment to honesty, alongside their alignment with Constitution Party principles will be our focus during candidate interviews. 

Potential candidates will be required to acknowledge that all elected officials are Public Servants. Our leaders should represent their people, not ruler them. 

Most importantly, Constitution Party candidates will be strongly encouraged to enter a contract with voters, detailing the campaign promises they commit to achieving while in office along with consequences if they fail to deliver. 

WHY A CONTRACT? Contracts are how we ensure that both parties uphold their commitments in dealings with unfamiliar businesses and individuals. Our politicians have proven unreliable with their promises, so we won't ask you to trust us. Instead, we'll EARN IT by entering a contract that explicitly outlines our candidate's promises and holds them accountable to fulfill them. 

The Constitution of the United States functions as a contract between the government and its people. Why then should candidates be exempt from such a contract?




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Our commitment is to restore honesty, integrity, and accountability in government.



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We believe that "Government is the most ineffective, inefficient, and most expensive way to get anything done."



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Our goal is to establish the most successful U.S. economy the world has ever witnessed by reinstating True Capitalist principles in our economic policies.


Every dollar counts

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