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The shared desires of most Americans include Integrity, Liberty, and Prosperity. The Founding Fathers established a Constitutional Republic that thrived remarkably for its first century. However, over the last century, America has faced challenges from war, debt, and tyranny. Our history reinforces the Founding Fathers' understanding that as government expands and centralizes, individual liberty diminishes. 


The fundamental principle of American government is to keep it localized and limited. Our nation's core belief in liberty asserts that all individuals are equal and possess unalienable rights bestowed by God. Government's role is confined to safeguarding these inherent rights. The Constitution serves as the pact between "We the people" and our chosen representatives.


It stands as the legal framework that both citizens and government are beholden to, earning it the title "Law of the Land." The Constitution outlines how government should be structured and operate. Elected officials, through their constitutional oath, pledge to preserve, protect, and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Thus, when elected to office, we rightly expect them to honor this commitment. 



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Our commitment is to restore honesty, integrity, and accountability in government.



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We believe that "Government is the most ineffective, inefficient, and most expensive way to get anything done."



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Our goal is to establish the most successful U.S. economy the world has ever witnessed by reinstating True Capitalist principles in our economic policies.


Every dollar counts

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