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Have you realized that both major political parties have abandoned Constitutional principle?  Have you noticed that both support the same economic policy that has been robbing Americans of their wealth for a century?  Have you grasped that neither party is truly working to protect God-given rights and that both are culpable in the gradual surrender of American sovereignty to unaccountable global governance?

If you have, then you are at a crossroad.  Do you continue to select the lesser of two evils knowing where that path leads, or do you help forge the right path – a return to the Constitution?  Only when God’s people hold to a standard of truth and righteousness in our representatives, can a way be paved for His blessings.

Membership in the state affiliate helps to build and grow the party by providing grassroots efforts to implement the support necessary to gain ballot access, attract candidates for political office and provide funding for their campaigns.  For example, I may vote Republican most of the time, so I am affiliated with that party.  However, I do not give money to their party because I do not want to contribute to Republican Party growth and development.

Party Organization

There are a lot of exciting things that are taking place here within the Constitution Party of Ohio. It's a great time to get involved with a political party that stands for principle.  Below are some opportunities for you to get involved. Visit our Party Leadership Training video page on Vimeo We are looking for a Chairman and a Treasurer and Secretary for each county in Ohio These people are necessary to establish active Counties. This is the grass roots organization. It is vitally important that we get a chairman in place in each county. The county chairman will be responsible for organizing their counties and establishing a Constitution Party presence at the ground level throughout our state. We have 88 counties in the state of Ohio and there are a lot of counties that need your help. Regional Coordinators are responsible for oversight of the Counties within their respective regions. More detailed descriptions of the County duties are provided in the State By-Laws. Please contact our Chairman if you can help. It is up to us to hold Godly standards and to guard the boundaries of morality against moral corruption.  If we, the leaders are not willing to do this, who will?  If the time is not now, then when will the time come? You are probably thinking that there is no time in your schedule and you are just not qualified to step out into this arena.  Additionally, why should you step out into such a snake pit?  Why get involved with politics and politicians?  Isn’t that the perfect place for a strong man and woman of God? The Bible tells us that where there is great sin, God’s grace is great. The physician is not called for the healthy, rather the sick. The radical left cries foul when Christians exercise their right to engage in "politics."

Becoming a State Leader

If you are interested in serving the Constitution Party of Ohio as either a state officer or as a state committee chairperson, or if you are interested in serving as a regional or county leader, please contact us. We will provide you with resource information for you to make a final determination as to the duties of the office(s) in which you are interested, as well as a Leadership Questionnaire for you to complete.


Please consider how else you can help the Constitution Party of Ohio in other ways such as becoming a County or Regional Coordinater, or even running for office, from federal to state to local office. For any of these positions, please contact us to learn more about the requirements and responsibilities. Signing up or giving money to National does NOT make one a paid up member of the Party, nor does joining the State Party make one an affiliate of the National Party. One cannot officially join National any more than a person can join the Republican or Democratic national parties. A person can only join at the State Level. In Ohio, that is done officially by which ballot one selects in the Primaries.

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Definition of a Member of the Constitution Party of Ohio

    1. Membership of the Party shall consist of all persons who, as a minimum have submitted a completed application for membership (contact us) as prescribed by the State Committee.
    2. The State Convention, upon recommendation of the State Committee or State Executive Committee, may by resolution impose such other requirements for membership in the Party as they deem appropriate.
    3. Those who have met the minimum requirements stated above and are not otherwise restricted or removed from membership by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the State Committee as prescribed in the By Laws, Article V, Section A, Item 3, will be deemed to be “members in good standing."


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigueof supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

Please help the party and the ideas of liberty and Constitutional government to spread by volunteering your time in one of more of the areas below.  Whatever time you can spare is appreciated and valuable.

  • Write Letters to the Editor – Writing letters to the editor is an easy and effective way to get Constitutional issues and perspectives out to the community.  Craft your letter and send it to all the newspapers in your general area.
  • Distribute Literature – Distribute literature at various venues: your neighborhood, church, libraries…etc.
  • Serve on a Campaign – Get experience working on a minor party campaign by becoming a volunteer.  Contact the campaigns for any Ohio party Candidate (Candidates page) and let them know you want to help!
  • Serve on a Party Committee – Get involved in helping the party grow and prosper by putting your skills and talents to use in one of the state party committees by joining the Party.
  • Start a local Constitution Party Affiliate – Get the brushfires of liberty burning in your county or congressional district! Take the lead to start a local affiliate. To become a Regional Coordinator or County Chairman become a member and Contact us.
  • Call in to talk local radio shows – whatever your favorite conservative or Christian talk radio program, call in to get the word out about the party and about Constitutional principles.

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